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Our privacy policy will indicate how your provided information will be collected, used and shared as you make purchases at our online store.


What information will we collect?


Basic information about your device, your IP address, your timezone, and some cookies will be automatically synchronized with the website to provide you the best browsing and visual experience. The methods that will be used are as follows:




These are the small files that will be stored within your browser to help improve your future experience.


Log files:


Log files will track your on-site behavior, IP address, speed, browser type to present you the most relevant results and settings that will suit your equipment.


When you make a purchase, we will also collect your name, billing address, shipping address, payment information such as credit card numbers or other types of payment methods such as Bitcoin, PayPal, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, and Facebook Pay.


By information it means order information and device information.


How will we use your information?


The sole purpose for collecting your information through our website is to assure the best shopping experience for you. The aforementioned information will be needed for following purposes:


  • To process order
  • To collect and manage payments
  • Arrangement of shipping
  • Sending invoices
  • Tracking orders
  • Order confirmations


Data Retention Period


When you place your order, we will keep your information and your account on our website for the sake of future orders unless you ask us to remove your information from our site.


Updates in Privacy Policy


We may bring several updates in this policy from time to time according to the demands and legislation of international law. However, the updates will be introduced after a prior response.