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This article will cover all the details you need to know how to check the quality of leather jacket (real vs faux).

Leather jacket is the most stylish, in-demand and attractive costume for men and women. It gives a luxurious and royal vibe. It is of great significance to to have a good identification sense to differentiate real leather from fake leather.

Following factors must be considered in choosing the real leather jacket:

  • It is fashionable
  • Long lasting
  • Resistant to pressure, wear and damage
  • It is water resistant
  • Provides valuable protection to bikers
  • It is timeless and durable material.
  • It is long lasting.


After the conclusion of this article, you will be ready to differentiate between real and faux leather.


What is real leather?

There will be stamp on the leather jacket when you will buy it that will say it is made of genuine leather, full-grain leather or top-grain leather. The leather used in making these jackets will be derived from the animal hides. Although, it may not be the best one, but original leather is made up of animal hides.


Types of leather:

The types of leather are


Cowhides or steerhides:

Steers are the cattle that are raised for food consumption, whereas weight of cowhide is lighter. They have more relaxed bellies. Best leather jackets are made of cowhide leather. They are long lasting and extremely durable.



It has a stiff material but it is lightweight. It becomes supple when it gets wet. It is classified as deerskin leather.



The cost of these jackets is relatively higher because they are made from smooth and soft skin of young sheep. It can be worn in harsh winters because it provides protection and warmth.


Check the criteria of leather quality:

Several factors must be considered when buying a leather jacket. The purpose for which you are going to buy a jacket must be considered. It is important to know whether you will buy it for riding or for something else. In this way, you can be sure which type of leather you must buy to get the best quality for desired purpose.


Tests for REAL vs FAUX leather:

Below we will be mentioning some methods and techniques you can use to check that the leather jacket you bought is made of real leather or faux leather.


Touch test:

Before you buy a jacket, check its quality by touching it. Real leather feels soft and flexible when you touch it.

On the other hand, if the jacket is made of faux leather, you will see it will not be highly stretchable. Faux leather will feel cool whereas genuine leather will feel warm. Smooth touch of real leather sets it apart from faux leather.


Check the tag on jacket:

One significant way is to check the label on the jacket. If it reads anything other than leather such as polyester or synthetic then it is a clear sign that the product is not made of real leather.


Check the price tag:

Real leather jacket is twice the price of faux leather jacket because real leather is a natural product. If you find a jacket at a cheaper price then it is made of faux leather. Instead of saving your money by buying these synthetic cheap jackets, opt for the genuine leather jackets no matter if their price is high.


Do a liquid test:

Liquid test is a great method to quickly check the quality of leather. Pour a drop of water on the jacket and notice its behavior. If it gets absorbed and you see a dark patch on the surface of leather then it is real leather. If the water sits on the surface and does not get absorbed then congratulations you have been robbed in the name of real leather. Leather has countless tiny pores in it. They absorb the moisture similar to wood. So rea leather will absorb water while faux leather will repel it.


Scent of leather:

The smell of real leather is distinctive because it feels natural. Faux leather had plastic and chemical smell. Consumers buy real leather because of the addictive and attractive aroma it has. It has a unique smell that lasts a lifetime. It has a meaty fragrance because it is derived from a source that is organic in nature.


Check the texture:

The texture of a leather jacket is full of grains because it is made of natural material. The pattern throughout the jacket remains same. There is a single variation and the pattern is smooth, plan and unique. Whereas, faux leather has an asymmetrical pattern because it is made of plastic and chemicals. There is no uniformity in the texture of leather jacket and can be imperfect. On the other hand, faux jacket patterns are uniform and regular.


Look at the borders of jacket:

The quality of a leather whether it is real or faux can easily be checked by its borders. The edges of real leather are bristly and uneven. Whereas faux leather does not. The finishing of faux leather is smooth and definite whereas the real jacket is opposite of it. The edges of real leather has imperfections, natural flaws and rough edges.


Reacts sensitively to fire:

This technique is highly risky so it must be carried out carefully and should be avoided in normal circumstances. The real leather jacket is made from animal hides and is less likely to catch a fire whereas faux leather is made of plastic and can catch fire easily if you bring the lighter closer to its borders. Whereas real leather shows great resistance to fire.



Real leather is resistant to strict weather conditions and can be worn easily in harsh winters. On the other hand, the faux leather jacket starts to deteriorate quickly and it is not long lasting due to its chemical nature. So, real leather jackets are best for those who ride bikes.



Real and faux leather jackets are available everywhere. The best thing you can do is to spend a handsome amount when buying a jacket and check for the label on it. You don't want to spend a thousand dollar on a jacket and then end up getting scammed in the name of real leather. So, it is important for you to know how you can check the quality of a leather jacket whether it is real or faux leather.