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If you are someone with a bike as your primary means of transport, then it is always recommended that you wear protective clothing whenever you leave your house for a ride. The number of people who don’t wear any protective clothing while riding is surprisingly high. It is mostly because riding a motorcycle becomes such a big and normal part of your daily routine that you don’t pay any special attention to it. You are leaving for your work in the morning, driving the same way you do each day and following the same path as usual. What’s the worst that could happen? The answer is a lot. Life is uncertain and you never know what the next day will bring. There is a reason accidents still happen despite the implementation of the many strict traffic rules and regulations. Accidents are called accidents for a reason. Even if you take extreme precautions while driving, accidents can still happen due to someone else’s fault. Most people avoid wearing protective clothing as they can be too stuffy especially in summer season. This article will take a look at some of the protective clothing you can wear to avoid any major injuries.

Why wear protective clothing?

Why wear protective clothing?

The answer to this one is pretty simple, isn’t it? Protective clothing protect you from encountering any serious injuries in case of an accident. Depending upon the type of clothing worn, you could also prevent injuries that might prove to be fatal. When it comes to laws and regulations regarding protective clothing, the only item that must worn while riding a motorcycle is a helmet. Helmets, of course, protect your head from any harm in case an accident occurs. Wearing protective clothing will also make sure that your insurer can’t raise the point of contributory negligence on your part. This can often result in you not receiving the complete compensation that you might have received otherwise.

Protective clothing to wear while riding

Protective clothing to wear while riding

As already said, protective clothing should be mandatory whenever you are out riding on your motorcycle. There are many types of protective clothing you can wear while riding a bike. Let’s have a look at some of these:

  • Helmet

This one is a no brainer and the most common type of protective material you will see people use while biking. It is a law that wearing a helmet is necessary whenever you are riding a motorcycle. Helmets protect your head form any severe injuries. In an accident, there is a good chance that your head may clash against the road or any other hard surface. Always go for good quality helmets while purchasing one. You don’t want to buy a poor quality helmet that may break easily in case of an accident. Most helmets are made with carbon fibers that provide great durability. The presence of a glass shield and rigid shells provide further protection especially from the front. Make sure to buy a helmet that fits your size as a loose helmet may fall off and expose you to danger. Although open face helmets are also available, it is preferable to buy either a full face helmet or a hybrid helmet.

  • Armors

Now-a-days, all the motorcycle riding jackets come infused with armors that protect you injuries. They protect your arms plus the whole middle portion of your body. If you have ever bought a biking jacket, you might have seen the words CE printed on the tags. The term CE stands for certification of pressure endurance and is used to judge the durability of the armor used in the jackets. The higher the number, the more effective an armor is. For example, CE 1 armor will be less durable than a CE 2 armor. Most of the armors are built either from Kevlar or from carbon fibers. Other armors like silicate and polycarbonate armors also exist. Today biking jackets come with additional zippers that can be removed to ensure the jackets remain comfortable even in summer season.

  • Neck Guards

Neck guards are additional protective gear that can be worn under your helmet for protection. Neck guards protect your neck and make sure it doesn’t twist in case of a major accident. As with other protective gear, neck guards come in various forms and sizes. You can either pick lightweight neck guards for a more comfortable experience or you can pick heavy duty neck guards that are more durable and offer better protection. Some neck guards also come with compatibility options with your armor containing riding jackets. Two most common types of neck guards include chest attached neck guards and open neck guards.

  • Pants, Boots and Knee pads

Next up on the list is protective clothing that protects your lower body parts. If you want to, you can wear biking pants for extra protection of your legs. Now-a-days, most textile biking pants incorporate CE level 1 and 2 armors for both knee and hip regions to ensure safety of the riders. These provide protection in case of any unfortunate accidents. They are also very durable, strong and resilient. The pants are designed with a soft shell interior that makes them comfortable to wear and prevents irritation on long rides. The other protective clothing includes boots and knee pads. Knee pads protect your knee caps and softens the blow in case of impact. Boots do the same thing with your feet and protect you from abrasion.


It is highly recommended that you wear protective clothing whenever you are riding a motorcycle. Always remember that your personal safety comes first. So always take precautionary measures before you go biking.