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Flaunt Your Patriotic with American Flag Leather Jacket this 4th of July

When it comes to keeping both the style and trends alive, WD Motor Sports works to serve both of your needs. 4th of July is around the corner and to the citizens of United States of America, this day is one of the most important days in the calendar when USA rose on the world map as an independent country.

Wanna make your riding outfit standout on 4th of July?

Wanna make your riding outfit standout on 4th of July?

If you are a rider and want to look at your very best on America's independence then flaunt your patriotic with American flag leather jacket this 4th of July manufactured by WD Motor Sports.

The birth of US as an independent country wasn't an overnight effort, instead it required a great deal of sacrifices and spirit. America is our pride. We carry the flag of this country with honor. This flag is the sign of hope, peace, prosperity, love and all the best feelings that make our survival possible.

The American flag has three colors. Blue, red and white

  • The blue color of this flag signifies vigilance, perseveranceand justice.
  • The red coloris to show hardiness and valor.
  • The white coloris for purity and innocence.


Emergence of USA as an epitome of greatness:

On this day in 1776, the Declaration of Independence was formally adopted by the Continental Congress. The voting for independence occured on 2nd July, afterwards 4th of July has been celebrated as the birth day of American Independence.  The political connections of 13 American colonies with Great Britain were severed on this day.

This 4th of July we will celebrate 246th birthday of Great USA. To make this event more memorable for you, WD Motor Sports has launched a jacket for you to flaunt your patriotism with American Flag this 4th of July.

How will this American flag leather jacket make you standout from the crowd:

Not only this jacket looks spectacular but it is also very comfortable and easy to fit in when worn. Imagine yourself racing on the roads in this masterpiece on the grandest day of them all. This land has suffered a lot since the time it has come into being. When you wear its flag, you become the representative of many those who came before you and died in the name of their motherland.

Have a look at this jacket and take a moment to check how awesome it will look on you when you go out to race on 4th of July. It will make you standout from the rest of the crowd.

The material used in the red, blue,white and black parts of this jacket is Milled Cowhide Leather. The protections used in this jacket are of excellent quality to ensure your safety while you are on road representing the dignity of our flag.

The designing throughout the jacket is exquisite. The lining of the jacket is 100% Polyester Micro Mesh. The zipper is original YKK. The armor is CE approved.

An important slogan *WE THE PEOPLE* is also designed on the jacket. A hashtag #RideToLive is also printed on it to make you look cool. The original logo of WD along with its editing in Red White and Blue color is also designed on the jacket to make sure WD Motor Sports gives the right patriotic look to it.

What can be a better way than flaunting your patriotic with an American Flag leather jacket on this 4th of july. So, if you are planning to ride through the streets or outside the city this independence day, then purchase this beautiful jacket and hit the road HARD.

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