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If are someone who rides a motorcycle quite often, it is recommended that you use protective clothing while doing so. Protective clothing protects you from major injuries in case of any accidents. One of the most important pieces of a biking protective gear is gloves. Gloves help you in holding your bike properly and are also responsible for changing speed and direction. On a hot day, your hands might become drenched in sweat and any slips can result in a serious accident. Gloves prevent the moisture on your hand from interfering with your driving and help you maintain a steady grip on your bike handle. In other words, you must always wear biking gloves when you are out riding a motorcycle. This article is a “to the point” and brief guide that will help you in picking your motorcycle gloves. It will also guide you in their cleaning and give you an idea regarding their longevity.

Things to consider while choosing motorcycle gloves

So, imagine you want to buy new motorcycle gloves for biking purposes. What should you look for in a pair of motorcycle gloves while making your purchase? The truth is there are many kinds of motorcycle gloves available in the market which suit different needs. There are certain things that you need to consider before making your purchase. Let’s have a look:

Your budget

This one is pretty obvious. Everyone has a budget. The type of gloves you can buy is going to depend on how much you can afford to spend on them in the first place. While there are good quality gloves available at lower prices, you will obviously find better stuff at higher prices. So first make up your mind as how much you want to spend on your new gloves and then go from there.

Your ride hours

Depending on the kind of job you do, you may only have to ride your motorcycle a few times a day or you could be on the road for hours. Your pick is going to heavily depend upon the amount of time you are spending on the road in your daily routine. For example, tourist gloves are going to be a must for long drives and whole day on roads.

The weather

This going to depend upon where you live and the type of weather you encounter the most. If you are mostly riding in hot weather, you want gloves that don’t get sticky due to your sweat. Similarly, you want to pick thicker gloves that can protect you from cold in winter season.

Kind of riding

Of course, the needs of a person who uses his bike to get to job or buy grocery is going to be different from a guy who is into racing. Your choice of gloves is going to be heavily affected by the kind of riding you do, so take this into account while making your choice.

Off road or on road

The kind of road you travel is also going to influence your choice. If you are driving on the main road you are not going to require any special types. But if you are biking on motocross tracks, it’s going to be a completely different story.

Things to look for in motorcycle gloves

Things to look for in motorcycle gloves

Once you have done sorting out your needs, now it’s time to go over stuff you want in your motorcycle gloves regardless of their type. The following three things should always be evaluated before making your purchase:

Quality of materials:

This is priority number one. Whenever you are buying gloves, always look for the quality of materials used in their manufacture. Better quality gloves will give better performance and will last longer than others.


Of course, the primary purpose of your gloves is the protection of your hands. Always prefer gloves which have carbon knuckles and other protective material present in them.


This one is more important than you might think. A loose fit glove can cause grip issues and become the cause of an unwanted accident. Always check your fitting before making your purchase.

How to clean your motorcycle gloves

 How to clean your motorcycle gloves

When it comes to cleaning your motorcycle gloves, normal washing methods are not going to cut it. Most of the gloves are made from different materials and require different washing requirements. Before we look into the washing method, take the following precautions:

  • Always check the “wash and care label” that is attached with your gloves before doing anything. These labels always come with instructions that will help you in your cleaning process. This is important as different gloves are made from different materials and have different wash requirements.
  • Never use a heat source for drying your motorcycle gloves. This can cause damage to the internal fibers of your gloves.
  • Avoid using washing powder or any other strong cleaning agents. Things like bleach are going to cause more harm than good.


Washing your gloves

With that said, simply follow the following steps while washing your gloves:

  • Use lukewarm water with just a moderate amount of soap added to it. You can us leather cleanser instead of soap in case of leather gloves.
  • After creating the soap water mixture, soak your gloves in it. Leave them in this state for around 10 minutes.
  • Use a brush for cleaning the dirty portions of your gloves. Keep repeating this process until the gloves are clean. If the water gets too dirty during the cleaning process, change it.
  • Wear these wet gloves to make sure they don’t lose their shape. Do this before they dry up.
  • Take a dry cloth to wrap your gloves and start squeezing them gently. Keep doing this until most of the moisture is eliminated.
  • Avoid any direct heat sources like sunlight. Use a hair dryer to gently dry your gloves. Wear them again to mold them back into shape.

How long do motorcycle gloves last?

While motorcycle gloves don’t deteriorate over time like other motorcycle protective clothing, years of wear and tear do make them less useful as time goes on. There is no standard to measure how long a pair of motorcycle gloves actually last. Generally, it is accepted that you can expect to ride 12,000 miles before you have to replace your gloves. How long they actually last id going to depend upon the following factors:


If you are just going to use your bike for everyday chores like going to your job or picking up groceries with the occasional hangout with friends, then you can definitely expect your gloves to last a bit longer than the average rate. But if you are doing three to four hour drives or generally spending a lot of time on the road, then they will wear out way quicker.


Of course, quality will also play a huge role in deciding how long your gloves last. Better quality stuff will last longer than poor or normal quality stuff.


Taking better care of your belongings will make them last longer. Storing your gloves in the right place, cleaning them when they are dirty and conditioning them from time to time will ensure their longevity.


Always pick gloves depending upon your needs and budget. Don’t use any harsh ingredients to wash your gloves. Take proper care of your gloves to ensure their longevity.